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121319Strategic management and entrepreneurship: Friends or foes? by Kraus, S., & Kauranen, I.4.462008-11-054781
219314Game design as marketing: How game mechanics create demand for virtual goods by Hamari, J. & Lehdonvirta, V.4.282009-08-044509
318534Determinants of FDI in BRICS Countries: A panel analysis by Vijayakumar, N., Sridharan P., & Rao, K. C. S.4.272010-01-194341
417214TQM and firms performance: An EFQM excellence model research based survey by Santos-Vijande, M. L., & Alvarez-Gonzalez, L. I.3.252007-06-055300
516485Internet-induced marketing techniques: Critical factors in viral marketing campaigns by Woerndl, M., Papagiannidis, S., Bourlakis, M., & Li, F.3.222007-12-075115
614551Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty intention: A Structural and Categorical Analysis by Oom do Valle, P., Silva, J. A., Mendes, J., & Guerreiro, M.2.722007-03-155382*
713979The effects of human resource practices on firm growth by Vlachos, I.2.942008-11-254761
813461Mobile technology and the value chain: Participants, activities and value creation by Coursaris, C., Hassanein, K., & Head, M.2.742008-06-184921
913256A Structural Equation Model of Customer Satisfaction and Future Purchase of Mail-Order Speciality Food by Mai, L. W., & Ness, M.2.472006-11-265491*
1012353A study to investigate the reasons for bank frauds and the implementation of preventive security controls in Indian banking industry by Khanna, A., & Arora, B.2.652009-03-124654
1112276Book Review: Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning and Operation by Heaslip, G.2.462008-04-084992
1211939Achieving synergy between strategy and innovation: The key to value creation by Dobni, C.B.2.652009-08-044509
1310533Book Review: E-Commerce 2009: Business, Technology, and Society by Cheng, A.Y., Ping, T.A., & Cheng, E.H.2.342009-08-044509
1410366Customer complaints as a source of customer-focused process improvement: A constructive case study by Uusitalo, K., Hakala, H., & Kautonen, T.2.022007-11-305122
1510032Reverse logistics for recycling: The customer service by Oom do Valle, P., Menezes, J., Reis, E., & Rebelo, E.2.092008-10-154802
169742Biting the hand that feeds: Social identity and resistance in restaurant teams by Richards, J., & Marks, A.1.862007-07-265249
179564The effects of message strategy and execution framework on teenage boy's processing of print advertisements in India by Chattopadhyay, T.2.182009-12-024389
189540Book Review: Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases by Tsinopoulos, C.D.1.982008-09-284819
199419An empirical study of tourist preferences using conjoint analysis by Tripathi, S.N. & Siddiqui, M.H.2.092009-08-064507
209271Transnational corporations from Asian developing countries: The internationalisation characteristics and business strategies of Sime Darby Berhad by Ahmad, S. Z., & Kitchen, P. J.1.812007-12-125110
219259Book Review: Exploring Corporate Strategy: Texts and Cases by Koufopoulos, D.N. & Spinelli, G.1.942008-11-054781
229237Developing human capital by linking emotional intelligence with personal competencies in Indian business organizations by Singh, K.2.112009-12-234368
238947Book Review: Understanding Strategic Management by Bourlakis, C.1.902009-01-284697
248612Driving online shopping: Spending and behavioral differences among women in Saudi Arabia by Al-maghrabi, T. & Dennis, C.1.912009-08-044509
258487Book Review: E-Business and E-Commerce Management by El-Gohary, H.1.582007-03-085389*
268157Developing global competitiveness by assessing organized retail productivity using data envelopment analysis by Agarwal, R., & Mehrotra, A.1.712008-11-184768
277890Creativity in research and development environments: A practical review by Burbiel, J.1.682009-01-274698
287668Customer protest: Exit, voice or negative word of mouth by Solvang, B. K.1.502007-12-075115
297485The emerging role of corporate information systems: An example from the area of business process-oriented learning by Pappa, D., & Stergioulas, L K.1.502008-04-044996
307442Understanding the older entrepreneur: Comparing Third Age and Prime Age entrepreneurs in Finland by Kautonen, T.1.512008-06-174922
317399Book Review: Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design: An international version by Kotzab, H.1.702010-01-074353
327294A study of the enablers of non-sequential internationalization process among small and medium-sized firms by Osarenkhoe, A.1.432007-12-075115
337270An evaluation of inter-organisational information systems development on business partnership relations by Williamson, E.A.1.422007-11-305122
347212Workplace Culture Emotional Intelligence and Trust in the Prediction of Workplace Outcomes by Downey, L.A., Roberts, J., & Stough, C.1.822011-01-223973
357136Editorial: New Frontiers in e-Business and e-Government: Emerging opportunities and Challenges by Barlow, A., Duncan, P., Li, F., & Papagiannidis, S.1.332007-03-155382*
367108Book Review: Innovation Management and New Product Development by Whitehurst, F.1.362007-08-035241
376901The Value of Virtual Assets - The Role of Game Characters in MMOGs by Manninen, T., & Kujanp1.292007-03-045393*
386893Book Review: Essentials of Marketing by Shiu, E., & Cheng, C.1.352007-12-075115
396892eBusiness Maturity and Regional Development by Beynon-Davies, P.1.292007-03-075390*
406811The potential for using information systems to enhance information flows and relationships in the intellectual property sector: The case of Kennedys Patent by Barlow, A., Duncan, P., Huntley, J., Gordon, A., & Adams, J.1.332007-11-305122
416753Customer Focus in UK e-Government: Or, Putting the Politics back into e-Government by Cornford, J., & Richter, P.1.262007-03-085389*
426601Supply chain risk management: review, classification and future research directions by Singhal, P., Agarwal, G., & Mittal, M.L.1.872012-04-043535
436473Consumer characteristics and their effect on accepting online shopping, in the context of different product types by Keisidou, E., Sarigiannidis, L. & Maditinos, D.1.762011-11-173674
446453Book Review: Organization Theory: Challenges and Perspective by Maniatopoulos, G.1.202007-03-175380*
456222Determinants of Customer Continuance Intention of Online Shopping by Al-maghrabi, T., Dennis, C., Vaux Halliday, S., & BinAli, A.1.572011-02-113953
466158Test of a causal Human Resource Management-Performance Linkage Model: Evidence from the Greek manufacturing sector by Katou, A.1.522010-10-274060
476153Deferred Action: Theoretical model of process architecture design for emergent business processes by Patel, N.1.202007-11-295123
486119A neuroanatomical approach to exploring organizational performance by Gillingwater, D. & Gillingwater, T. H.1.322009-04-034632
496011Managing innovation as communicative processes: a case of subsea technology R&D by Aasen, T. M. B., & Johannessen, S.1.302009-04-034632
505924Book Review: Information Systems Management In Practice by Hay-Gibson, N.1.392010-03-304271
515918Teleworking in United Arab Emirates (UAE): An empirical study of influencing factors, facilitators, and inhibitors by Aboelmaged, M.G., & Elamin, A. M.1.242008-11-034783
525738Book Review: Marketing: Real people, Real choices by El-Gohary, H.1.312009-12-234368
535656SMEs, electronically-mediated working and data security: cause for concern? by Clear, F.1.062007-05-135323
545594Rural and urban women entrepreneurs: A comparison of service needs and delivery methods priorities by Davis, A.1.422011-02-173947
555575Book Review: What Is E-Business? How the Internet transforms Organizations by O'Kane, P.1.092007-11-295123
565489Broadening the focus of evaluation: An experiment by Chakraborty, S., & Agarwal, S.1.192009-04-084627
575480Special Issue: New Frontiers in e-Business and e-Government by Li, F., Papagiannidis, S., Barlow, A., & Duncan, P.1.022007-03-155382*
585293Turnover and heterogeneity in top management networks - A demographic analysis of two Swedish business groups by Collin, S. & Umans, T.1.102008-09-284819
595261Book Review: Critical Human Resource Development by Horak, S.1.212009-12-264365
605134A structural model of customer satisfaction and trust in vendors involved in mobile commerce by Suki, N.M.1.372011-08-293754
615088Effects of IT Maturity and Freedom of Choice regarding relations between the Service Provider and its clients by Solvang, B. K.0.952007-02-055420*
625067Editorial: E-Business and Information Systems Research - Towards a common research agenda by Li, F.0.992007-11-205132
635053Exploring employees' perceptions, job-related attitudes and characteristics during a planned organizational change by Katsaros, K.K., Tsirikas, A.N., & Bani, S.N.1.872014-07-222696
645035Understanding family dynasty: Nurturing the corporate identity across generations by Kansikas, J., & Nemilentsev, M.1.182010-03-304271
654994A Perspective for Supply Chain Management: Building a Conceptual Framework by Jraisat, L.E.1.372011-12-043657
664933Research Note: Representing Identity and Relationships in Information Systems by Martin, M.0.922007-03-085389*
6749013D Product authenticity model for online retail: An invariance analysis by Algharabat, R., & Dennis, C.1.152010-03-284273
684781Regulating employees' health behaviors: The effects of personal health-related orientations on legitimacy perceptions of organizational programs and policies by Klautke, H., & Park, H.S.1.152010-07-304149
694579(In)justice contexts and work satisfaction: The mediating role of justice perceptions by Silva, M.R. Caetano, A. & Zhou, Q.1.342012-08-123405
704515Transformational leadership and job satisfaction: The mediating effects of perceptions of politics and market orientation in the Japanese context by Kimura, T.1.342012-09-103376
714445Editorial: IJBSAM: The first steps by Bourlakis, M.0.922008-10-094808
724427Book Review: International business in Korea-The evolution of the market in the globalisation era by Horak, S.0.962009-04-054630
734373Individual perception of different stimuli: Implications for managers by Santos- Alvarez, M.A., Garcia-Merino, M.T., Vallelado-Gonzalez, E.1.262012-06-123466
744311Developing a performance measurement system for public research centres by Agostino, D., Arena, M., Azzone, G., Dal Molin M., & Masella, C.1.282012-09-273359
754293Book Review: Business, Politics, and Society: An Anglo-American Comparison by Tassabehji, R.1.012010-04-074263
764161Preparing organisations for employee-driven open innovation by Amundsen, O., Aasen, T.M. Gressgard, L.J., & Hansen, K.1.542014-07-222696
774154Moving forward with service dominant logic: Exploring the strategic orientations of a service-centred view of the firm by Lamberti, L., & Paladino, A.1.332013-05-233121
784100Challenging the strategy paradigm within the paper packaging industry by Olander Roese, M. & Olsson, A.1.232012-10-173339
794078The institutional determinants of CEO compensation: An international empirical evidence by Jouber, H. & Fakhfakh, H.1.162012-04-243515
803897Book Review: The Dynamics of Strategy: Mastering Strategic Landscapes of the Firm by Jha, P.0.992011-02-113953
813875Differences on the image of Brazil in external markets according to consumers' age, gender, knowledge about the country and country of residence by Guina, F. & Giraldi, J.1.172012-11-163309
823873The effects of economic crisis to logistics outsourcing by Folinas, D., & Aidonis, D.1.262013-07-023081
833871Book Review: Handbook of Partial Least Squares: Concepts, Methods and Applications by Wong, K.K.1.052011-11-173674
843838Managing change in performance measures - An inter-company case study approach by Salloum, M., & Cedergren, S.1.212013-03-263179
853829Book Review: Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management: Practices to Enhance Calendar Tool Design by Chitranshi, J.0.972011-02-113953
863821"When two worlds collide": Career satisfaction and altruistic organizational citizenship behaviour by Koster, F.1.372014-04-112798
873740Measuring burnout and work engagement: Factor structure, invariance, and latent mean differences across Greece and the Netherlands by Xantopoulou, D., Bakker, A.B., Kantas, A., & Demerouti, E.1.182013-03-263179
883702A comparison of push and pull production controls under machine breakdown by Prakash J., & Feng, C.J.1.072012-06-273451
893588Editorial: Supply Chain Management by Aidonis, D., Folinas, D., & Triantafillou, D.1.162013-07-023081
903586Influence of brand differential on motivation to conform and manufacturer versus store brand purchase intention by Tran, E., Balas, A.N., Chris Y. Shao C.Y., Alan J. Dubinsky, A.J., & Larry Jackson, L.1.302014-05-162763
913582Book Review: Always-On Enterprise Information Systems for Business Continuance, Technologies for Reliable and Scalable Operations by Alshamaila, Y.0.972011-11-173674
923568Computer-mediated group communication and ideation performance by Gressgard, L.J.1.092012-12-213274
933505Extrinsic Motivation Index: A New Tool for Managing Labor Productivity by Berumen, S.A., Perez-Megino, L.P., & Arriaza Ibarra, K. 1.772016-07-051982
943437Performance evaluation of a merge supply system with a distribution centre, two reliable suppliers, one buffer and Erlang lead times by Vidalis, M., Koukoumialos, S., Ntio, D., & Varlas, G.1.122013-07-023081
953435Does Board Diversity Really Matter? Gender does not, but citizenship does by Rose, C., Munch-Madsen, P., & Funch, M.1.182013-12-172913
963378Reverse logistics strategic antinomies: the case of the automotive sector by Blanas, G., Koukoumialos, S., & Kylindri, S.1.102013-07-023081
973327The retail store managers' role: Evidence from Greece by Zairis, A.1.152014-01-012898
983325Supply chain risk management enablers - A framework development through systematic review of the literature from 2000 to 2015 by Kilubi, I., & Haasis, H.-D.1.442015-08-192303
993324An evolutionary algorithm for a real vehicle routing problem by Adamidis, P., Voliotis, C., & Pliatsika, E.1.082013-07-023081
1003313Remanufacturing lot-sizing under alternative perceptions of returned units' quality by Zikopoulos, C.1.082013-07-023081
1013295The Effects of Collaboration on Logistical Performance and Transaction Costs by Vieira, J.G.V., Yoshizaki, H.T.Y, & Ho, L.L.1.382015-05-182396
1023245Roadmapping for Sustainability: Evidence from an Italian-based Multinational Firm by Arena, M., & Chiaroni, D.1.222014-09-062650
1033176Two mathematical formulations for the containers drayage problem with time windows by Vidovic, M., Nikolic, M., & Popovic, D.1.032013-07-023081
1043118Using Delphi technique to build consensus in practice by Giannarou, L., & Zervas, E.1.232014-12-222543
1053035Listed firm's level of stakeholder transparency - The comply or explain evidence from the Danish corporate governance code by Rose, C.1.402015-12-302170
1063025Linking Environmental Sustainability and Healthcare: The Effects of an Energy Saving Intervention in Two Hospitals by Manika, D., Gregory-Smith, D., Wells, V.K., Comerford, L., & Aldrich-Smith ,L.1.752017-03-181726
1072913The Role of Supply Chain Integration in the Relationship between Market Orientation and Performance in SMEs by Didonet, R. S., Frega, R. J., Toaldo, M. M. A., & Diaz, G.1.132014-11-272568
1082913Strategic change: a journey towards new meaning? Semantic analysis of corporate communication by Olander Roese, M., & Sikstrom, S. 1.132014-11-272568
1092901Designing an AHP methodology to prioritize critical elements for product innovation: an intellectual capital perspective by Costa, R. V., & Ramos, A. P.1.252015-08-072315
1102887Interrelationships among Facets of Self, Motivation, and Conspicuous and Sustainable Consumption Behaviour by Nguyen, T., Ngamsiriudom, W., Pelton, L., & Dubinsky, A.1.332015-12-302170
1112789Editorial: Supply Chain Management by Aidonis,D.,& Folinas,D.1.662017-05-071676
1122766Appraisal of CRM implementation as business strategy option in times of recession: The role of perceived value and benefits by Agapitou, C., Bersimis, S., Georgakellos, D.2.012018-03-011378
1132742Revisiting the Impact of Social Performance on Financial Performance from a Global Perspective by Tebini, H., Lang , P., MZali, B., & Perez-Gladish, B.1.072014-11-272568
1142591Can age make a difference? A moderated model of altruistic organizational citizenship behaviour antecedents by Profili, S., Sammarra, A., & Innocenti, L.1.312016-07-051982
1152560Context Specific Complexity Management - A recommendation model for optimal corporate complexity by Schott, P., Horstmann, F., & Bodendorf, F.1.182015-12-302170
1162465Product recalls: The effects of industry, recall strategy and hazard, on shareholder wealth by Bernon, M., Bastl, M., Zhang, W., & Johnson, M.2.022018-08-031223
1172366Investment determinants at the firm-level: the case of Portuguese industrial SMEs by Pacheco, L.1.712018-02-201387
1182278MHR. Providing a New Perspective in HR in terms of Crisis Management by Nizamidou, C. & Vouzas, F.2.012018-11-021132
1192265Do freight transport time savings translate to benefit for transport consuming companies? by Sambracos,E.,& Ramfou,I.1.352017-05-071676
1202262Sustainable wine supply chain and entrepreneurship. The exploitation of by-products in a waste management process by Malindretos,G.,Tsiboukas,K.,& Argyropoulou-Konstantaki,S.1.352017-05-071676
1212233Functional meaning of rewards and interpersonal deviance in the workplace: The moderating role of basic psychological needs satisfaction by Papachristopoulos, K. & Xanthopoulou, D.2.482019-06-22900
1222185Simulation and assessment of agricultural biomass supply chain systems by Pavlou,D.,Orfanou,A.,Bochtis,D.,Tamvakidis,S.,& Aidonis,D.1.302017-05-071676
1232179Innovative Agrifood Supply Chain Network:Leading to traditional, "back to the future" foods by Sakali,P.C.,& Skalkos,D.1.302017-05-071676
1242103Conceptual design of a telecommunications equipment container for humanitarian logistics by Parisi,S.,Achillas,C.,Aidonis,D.,& Folinas,D.1.252017-05-071676
1252096In search of value drivers in mergers and acquisitions: The Nordic evidence by Caspar Rose, C., Sorheim, D., & Lerkerod, M.1.512018-02-151392
1261943Supervisor's behavioral complexity: Ineffective in the call center by Leon, F.R., Leon, A., & Morales, O. 1.402018-02-151392
1271913Firm performance, retrenchment strategy and different ownership structure: Evidence from public listed companies in Malaysia by Lik-Jing Ung, L., Brahmana, R., & Puah, C.1.752018-12-091095
1281902Innovation through Coopetition: An analysis of small- and medium-sized trust companies operating in the Liechtenstein financial centre by Kraus, S., Schmid, J., & Gast, J. 1.372018-02-151392
1291634"Have a little faith": A vignette study of inter-organizational cooperation and innovation performance by Koster, F. & Bloem, D. 1.442018-11-021132
130901The relationship between corporate social responsibility and employee engagement - A social exchange perspective by Memon, K.R., Ghani, B., & Khalid, S.1.972020-09-07457
131636Social media in supply chains and logistics: Contemporary trends and themes by Papagiannidis, S., Bourlakis, M. & See-To, E.1.242020-07-14512
132624Examining the Moderating Role of Workload in the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Caring Behavior in Healthcare Organizations by Nwanzu, C.L., & Babalola, S.S.1.372020-09-08456
133621Examining User Acceptance and Adoption of the Internet of Things by Lu, Y.3.152021-05-25197
134618Component suppliers in the commodity battle: Can digital technology in multi-tier supply chains help to transform liabilities into opportunities? by Herbst, T.D.2.182021-02-28283
135612How do the dynamic capabilities of Malaysian service small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) translate into international performance? Uncovering the mechanism and conditional factors by Ahmad, N., Imm N. S., Basha, N.K., & Aziz, Y.A.1.792020-12-31342
136579Value-based management in banking: The effects on shareholder returns by Schmaltz, C., Lueg, R., Agerholm, J. & Wittrup, K.1.132020-07-14512
137571Antecedents and Internal Audit Quality Implications of Internal Audit Effectiveness by Singh, K.S.D., Ravindran, S., Ganesan, Y., Abbasi, G.A., & Haron, H. 2.022021-02-28283
138555A Conceptual Framework of Differentiated Food Consumption: The Case of northern Greece by Karamani, E., Alamanos, E., & Tzimitra Kalogianni, E.1.552020-12-15358
139493Demonstrating the Impact of Participative Decision Making, Distributive Justice Perception and Growth Opportunities on Favorable and Unfavorable Employee Outcomes: Mediating Effect of Workplace Inclusion in Indian HEIs by Panicker, A., & Sharma, A.1.112020-09-21443
140492Using stealth marketing techniques to increase physical activity and decrease sedentary time in the workplace: a feasibility study investigating the spill-overs of employee pro-environmental behaviour by Manika, D., Blokland, Y., Smith, L., Mansfield, L., & Klonizakis, M.1.442020-12-31342
141478The Impact of Ethical Leadership on the Intention to Stay among the Generation-Y Workforce of MNCs in Penang, Malaysia: Mediating Role of Employee Rewards by Ng, Y.N., & Salamzadeh, Y.1.342020-12-15358
142466Job satisfaction and transformational leadership as the antecedents of OCB role definitions: The moderating role of justice perceptions by Kayaalp, A., Page, K., & Gumus, O.2.092021-04-29223
143431The role of knowledge-sharing behaviour in the relationship between the knowledge creation process and employee goal orientation by Prompreing, K., & Hu, C.1.932021-04-29223
144417Mediation - Moderation mechanism between the relationship of corporate social responsibility and employees' promotive voice behavior by Memon, K.R., Ooi, S.K., Khalid, S., & Ghani, B.1.352021-02-03308
145416I love my career, don't I? The influence of organisation-based support on expatriates' adjustment and occupational withdrawal intention by Chan, H.L., Toh, P.S., Ng, S.I., & Zawawi D. 1.362021-02-04307
146344The Impact of Innovation Competitive Advantage on Product Quality for Sustainable Growth among SMEs: An Empirical Analysis by Nimfa, D.T., Uzir, M.U.H., Maimako, L.N., Eneizan, B., Latiff, A.S.A.L. & Wahab, S.A.2.592021-07-28133
147304Effects of Time Pressure on the Amount of Information Acquired by Letmathe, P., & Noll, E.1.072021-02-28283
148299Developmental proactivity and professional ability as older workers' employability resources. A longitudinal study explaining career events by Roobol, C., Pruijt, H., Koster, F., & Leijten, F.R.M.1.342021-04-29223
149253Complementary Adoptions and the Diffusion of Information System in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Exploratory Study by Vega, A., & Chiasson, M.1.902021-07-28133
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